Below is a four week plan to prepare for Run Hertford. This is assuming you are already able to exercise/jog/run continuously for 20 minutes and are reasonably fit.



Week 1

  • Jog or run for 30 minutes three times during the first week of training.

  • Try to swim or do some other form of exercise on at least two alternate days of the week.

  • Have two days of rest in between training.


Week 2

  • Jog or run for 35 minutes three times during this week of training.

  • Add cycling or workout in the gym on the other two days of the week you are training.

  • Don’t forget to rest.

Don’t worry if you get breathless at the start, this is normal.


Week 3

  • Carry on building up your time running – this week is 40 minutes with alternate days of additional exercise.


Week 4

  • Final week of training is 45 minutes of running, and two more alternate days of swimming, cycling or workout in the gym.

By now you should be able to run around 4 miles without stopping. Enjoy the exercise, don’t look upon it as a chore but

a Challenge, pace yourself and have a great run! 


SMILE for the camera at the Finish line, we’ll see you all there!